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ART Programs

ART Classes


All students desiring to take art classes will be required to register prior to attending the first session. There will be an initial registration fee of $100 for all new students. This fee helps cover administration processing and art supplies for students during class sessions. Students will also receive one free SCTA bag at sign up.

Art is divided into 4 classes, 1 session per week. All sessions are designed to be attended consecutively so students can complete weekly projects on time. Students are encouraged to be on time for all classes, so that they don't fall behind on their projects. Arriving 10 mins before class starts is strongly encouraged.


SCTA staff asks that parents/guardians give a courtesy call if students will be running late or missing any classes. 


ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE FINAL and there will be NO pro-rated classes or refunds for any reasons other than a major emergency. If students miss a class for a non-emergency reason, then that student will not be permitted to make up that class and will have to finish the project on their own time if not completed during the final class session.

Our goal is to help students excel in their creativity, be responsible and build consistency in whatever they desire to do in life. 

 Picazzo KIDS Art Class: Ages 6-12

Saturdays 12pm-1pm

4 Art Classes: 1 session per week

Cost: $100 monthly 



  Picazzo TEENS Art Class: Ages 13-19

Saturdays 1:30pm-3pm

4 Art Classes: 1 session per week

Cost: $140 monthly 



Paint & Vibe Sessions: Ages 20 & UP

A pop-up art class for the adults only. This class is designed to create a space for the attendees to unplug and unwind from the busyness of everyday life. Paint, Sip and Vibe.

No experience needed.

2hour class with light refreshments

Cost: $45 per person

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