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Art is a form of creative expression or application that generates from someone's imagination and skillset.  Art such as painting, and sculptured works have impacted our world in indescribable ways. Art is also created to appeal to the human senses and emotions. 


Hip Hop

Simply movement provoked by music that has evolved from the hip-hop culture. There are different forms of hip hop such as popping, locking, breaking, street dance, groove, etc...( Although Hip Hop dancers require skill and experience to perfect, we recommend hip hop for students interested in starting dance for fun. Hip Hop dancers rehearse a lot in order to master the basic steps and movements that appear simple when performed).  

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jazz dance.png


A  form of dance that features a dancer's individual style and personality. this style of dance consists of unique moves, leaps, turns, jumps, and footwork. Jazz, like ballet, is another form of expressive movement which exudes energy, stamina, and pizzazz.


A classical form of dance that includes an array of movements that fortifies, strengthens, and enhances the human body. It is also a technique used to express emotions. Ballet is the basic foundation for almost all forms of dance and is recommended for ALL dancers.

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tap dance.png


A form of dance used to create and emanate sound due to the wearing of special shoes designed with metal taps on the bottom. It's characterized by using the sound of tap shoes to produce rhythm.

West African 

African dance is a means of marking the experiences of life. It is also done purely for enjoyment. The dance of West Africa embodies rhythmic movement with high energy. African dance varies across tribes and nations but are all deeply rooted in history and the representation of the rites of passage.   

african dancer.jpg
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Modern (Horton Technique)

 A  free, yet expressive style of dance. this style rejects many of the strict formulas/rules in classical ballet. Specifically, the Horton Technique focuses on body structure, balance, weight placement, weight shifting, etc...


Afrobeats Dance is a unique fusion of traditional and modern-day African-derived movements. Students will learn popular Afrobeat moves and classic West African steps from dances like Kuku, Manjani, and Sunu. AfroFusion will help dancers release and express movement without a rigid “technique” form.

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